Taking photos

One of my passions that I realized after coming to Hawaii and traveling was to take photos of things that capture my eyes. It’s the most relaxing things that I know to do. It allows me to see the world in a different perspective and slows me down to appreciate what we have. I tend to let to world pass by me and not really sit back and see the beauty that the world holds. Photography lets me enjoy the world, our environment and our surroundings. Advertisements Continue reading Taking photos

Living in Hawaii

Hawaii for me has become a second home. It’s the new beginning I was looking for when I was in high school. Growing up in a country where many things were blocked due to the firewall, it was refreshing to come to Hawaii and experience the freedoms to use youtube and facebook. Coming to Hawaii brought a new sense of freedom for me that I never had growing up but it also meant learning to be able to take care of myself. Continue reading Living in Hawaii

Being a Senior

This Fall semester I have officially become a senior at HPU. It’s a unique experience. Im officially should be graduating undergrad by the end of spring 2018. My experience in HPU has it ups and downs. There’s been good days and bad days… To be far the worst days for me usually lies around finals week. Coincidentally enough I could have avoided all the stress by doing my work earlier. Then again I seem to never really learn, but after finishing the semester and getting my results back. Everything becomes more real and becomes rewarding in the end. I can’t … Continue reading Being a Senior

Group Work

This semester the thing I found out is that the most frustrating thing is to work in a group. Normally it’s not as frustrating but me and my partner argues quite a bit, sometimes also communication error which causes frustration. However working together has been a challenge doesn’t mean that we didn’t create a wonderful film. The film that we created is called Study Abroad. I did quite a bit of the editing and we worked together on creating this. She helped me put it together in the timeline and I was able to do the finishing touches with the … Continue reading Group Work


As someone who loves filming, the editing part for me is always the best part but always ends up being the most annoying part too. The editing part is always the most tedious and the most time consuming. once finished we would also need to export the finished video. This would also use up a lot of time because sometimes it can take up to half an hour to just export. It may just sound like I’m complaining but the editing part is also the part where you see your project come together. It’s not just a idea on a … Continue reading Editing


I recently bought a drone and I’ve used it a few times. As it was my first time flying a drone, I was not as good. The first time that it took off from my hand I was startled by the noise of such a small machine. I mean it makes sense, it needs the energy to propel itself to the required height plus higher depending on the mode of use. I would recommend the DJI Spark to anyone because it’s perfect for people that are beginners in flying drones. As someone who is a beginner themselves I realized that Spark … Continue reading Drone

Green Screen

First off I have to say a huge thank you to Fishers Hawaii for having large lime green posters. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to create a DIY green screen wall without it. I managed to create a pretty good backdrop with the green screen. As a last minute thing it turned out significantly well. Obviously I don’t advise to do something like this because there is cost to this. I had to buy the large lime green card board and the velcro sticks to able to have it on my wall and remove it when I don’t … Continue reading Green Screen