Reaction Blog: Sunset Boulevard

I think Sunset Boulevard is a very well composed film in a cinematography way. Star works as a symbol as Norma’s life goal, and it has a very strong referential meaning in this film. Being a star is the main driven force for Norma throughout the film. A star means a famous celebrity in the real world who gets a lot of attention from the public alongside with money, power, and fame. As Norma states, “ The greatest star of them all… No one ever leaves a star. That’s what makes one a star” her addiction to being a star … Continue reading Reaction Blog: Sunset Boulevard

Reaction Blog: The Piano

I really enjoy watching The Piano, I think it’s a good movie that portrays a brave woman fighting for her own love and life, but with a twist. The set design immediately reminds me of a colonial home in the 18th century. Moderate low-key lighting is used when Stewart (the husband) chops one of Ada’s fingers off. All costumes in the movie are 1850s European style. Ada and her daughter’s outfits are referential, their big dresses reveal that they are from a wealthy family. George  always wears a regular shirt with some dirt, shows that he is just a normal worker. … Continue reading Reaction Blog: The Piano

Response to Rabbit Proof Fence

On the first class of semester the class watched the film Rabbit Proof Fence, which is an Australian film from the year 2002 which is actually based off the book ‘follow the rabbit-proof fence’. The film is based off true events which you end up finding out at the end. It takes place 80 years ago when the White population of Australia was trying to eradicate the Aboriginal population completely. This was done via separating the children from the parents and then when they are older forcing them to marry white folk creating what is known as ‘half-casts’ (One aboriginal … Continue reading Response to Rabbit Proof Fence