Studio Time Freeze

  We needed to use the green screen room so we decided to make a video of a production with a time-freeze of everyone standing as still as possible on the “action” que of the director. I have been wanting to do a time freeze video for a long time. I was excited about this opportunity because I recently got a camera capable of capturing slow motion. I wanted the audience to be confused about what was happening. I wanted the time freeze to be drastic and unexpected so the audience would be in awe when the color saturation suddenly … Continue reading Studio Time Freeze

All the Pretty Girls-Kaleo cover (Music Video)

  I started the project with an open mind. I wanted to find a local musician who wanted to do a music video of an original song, so I reached out to several local musicians and found one who wanted to do a cover of All the Pretty Girls by Kaleo. I listened to the song a few times and decided it was very intimate so I wanted to capture that emotion. Sensual, intimate and almost sexual about a guy who is jealous of another man for getting all the pretty girls but doesn’t treat them good. He is begging … Continue reading All the Pretty Girls-Kaleo cover (Music Video)