Sunset Boulevard, brief summary and review. By Simon. S

Sunset Boulevard, also known as Sunset Blvd peaked my interest from the first scene. The movie has elements from various genres, like drama, horror and dark comedy. The film opens with a man laying face down in a pool as a narrator explains somewhat of the situation. Journalists and detectives rush the crime-scene and so the story begins. The narrator/voice explains how it came to this. He was a young scriptwriter struggling to get by, with a handful problems constantly knocking on his door. One quickly understands that Joe (the main character) are good with words and a slick fellow, as he sneaks away from his problems as long as he can. He seeks shelter in a abandoned looking place when his wheel punctures, where he meets the old Hollywood-star Norma Desmond. Something does not smell right about the woman, and many things from their meeting and throughout are quite disturbing, for example that the only persons living in the house are Norma and her butler, whom happens to be her first husband, one of three. She also finds Joe alluring, and makes sure he stays by talking about money, giving him roof over his head in return of him reading and adjusting her play. Further into the story they become attached to one another, Joe can not leave as that will be heartbreaking to Norma, and she apparently has suicidal thoughts, and Joe should stay for the money and avoid the problems awaiting him in a life without Norma.
The movie ends with him trying to leave her, and she desperately fires three shots at him as he tries to leave the property. A sad story, but now we know for sure that the dead man is also Joe and the narrator of the story. Norma is to damaged to handle anything other than the fantasy of her still being a great Hollywood-star, and therefor does not answer to any questions about the murder. The movie had moments, both scary and filled with laughter.


2 thoughts on “Sunset Boulevard, brief summary and review. By Simon. S

  1. Great review! Sunset Blvd. is the oldest movie I’ve seen and I had a gut-feeling that I would be disappointed. However, the film’s diversity of horror, comedy, and mystery really outdid my expectations. Excellent movie for its time!

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  2. I really liked the movie as well. I did not have high expectations but I was surprised by how good it was. As you say, the film has elements from various genres, like drama, horror and dark comedy and I think that is one of the reasons I liked it as much as I did.

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