Reaction to the phrase “Netflix and chill”

Kids these days have all kinds of word and phrases they use. One that caught my eye just recently was “netflix and chill”, now, I may not be super old or anything… But I find this phrase to be kind of ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.
After doing my share of googling, I found out that it does not mean what I expect it to mean.
Apparently it means to put on some random movie on Netflix and not actually watch it. Instead you have sex with somebody.
Is it me or whenever I ask someone to actually watch Netflix with me, I want to watch that movie or TV show. I mean, if I had other intentions I mean somehow that would be stated beforehand or something. Maybe even during the movie. But giving it this stupid name of a thing that is happening? Maybe I am too old. I’m 22, and I am questioning my youth. Maybe the reason for this is because I found a gray hair one day and it threw me into the future mentally where I am about 80 years old complaining about everything.
Why do we have to have all these phrases anyways? Like the word “selfie”. I dislike this word now. I hate what it represents and I absolutely detest all these other words being created off this word like “selfie-stick”. When I was a teenager we would ask someone to take the photo. Or just deal with the fact that it was impossible to get everybody into the frame and get on with life. Technology is moving so fast forward that we cannot think about any action like taking “a selfie” as nothing more than a “selfie”. It is not a picture of yourself, it is A SELFIE.
You can’t say “oh that is a nice photo of you-”
“Excuse me, this is a selfie. That I took.”
“Yeah, I mean- I said it was of you and I thought-”
“No. SELFIE. Want me to spell it for you?”
“I’m so sorry…”
“It’s okay, now click Like please”

That is another word “like”, as in to like something. Another word that just drastically made the transition from actually liking a thing, action, person turning into what defines your own life.

“Hey, I like your car”
“Thank you!”

“Hey, I like your car”
“oh REALLY? Because I did not see that you LIKED it on Facebook when I posted the photo of my car 3000  hours ago!!!!1

Can we please just cool down in general about these things? Let us use proper English, and speak our hearts and minds instead of choosing the simpler options just to follow trends in language. I just know that whenever I use one of these insane phrases I always use them sarcastically. As in, do not really want to be using them.


8 thoughts on “Reaction to the phrase “Netflix and chill”

  1. I liked how this post was basically just a silly and fun rant about how our generation is changing! It really is sad that today’s spoken English is so improper and we use silly terms to describe things that could mean something completely opposite. With the term “Netflix and Chill”, it really does mean such an informal act… what if that person was expecting to actually spend time with someone and watch a movie? This also makes me think about the way children have begun to talk in movies and tv shows. There are absolutely no filters anymore and children can say anything they want. Compare that to maybe 40 years ago? It’s absolutely crazy how spoken English has changed.


  2. It’s sad how this generation of kids care more about texting and their face planted to some technology than actually going out and seeing the world… I have to agree… Growing up I didn’t exactly have the best technology i.e. The newest iPhone or apple PC, but I turned out ok… As a matter of fact I turned out better because of it… I got to say… The English language is changing so informal these days that it seems like it’s full of ridiculous slangs and short-hands to describe something that is completely different from what we imagined…


    1. I agree with how technology is changing the new generation but who’s to say that something good won’t come out of it? I have realized that there is no filter on anything these days. The media and the internet is exposing young people to things older generations didn’t see until they were much older.
      If you think about it, though, every generation has had slang…ours just isn’t as cool.


  3. The purpose of language is to fulfill the needs of the people using it. There is no such thing as “proper English,” and even Shakespeare used slang words and dick jokes in his plays. Would thee rather wend back to speaking in fusty English? If we’re using the argument of speaking 40 years ago, may I remind you of the 70s? The era of “Far out” and “Can you dig it?” and “Dude”? Even the word “chill” was widely used in the 60’s and 70’s, so you can’t make the argument that this is a new term. People just adopted it to fit their need. “Selfie” was a slang term used so much worldwide that it became an official word in the Oxford Dictionary, just like the slang word “bae.”
    How horrible that we’ve fixed the problem of not being able to fit all your friends in frame for a picture or save people the trouble of asking others to take it for them by creating a portable, extendable monopod. Without slang, we wouldn’t have words like “text” or “wifi,” words we use daily. So how about you cool down and accept progress, “thou gleeking dizzy-eyed dewberry!” – Shakespeare

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  4. I can see where you are coming from with this opinion, but honestly life is a lot more enjoyable if you give up being bitter about trending things and just go with them. I used to hate selfies and make fun of them, but I got over it. Now looking back through my photos I have tons of pictures of my friends and I doing all sorts of fun things, and I will have those photos and memories forever. They were spontaneous and in the moment because we did not have to worry about setting up a staged picture. As for the term “Netflix and chill”, slang terms have been around for quite some time. They come and go, and they evolve to fit the times. I consider that phrase to be more of a meme than just a slang term, and those stick around for even less time. It is a part of our current pop culture, and there is not much that can be done to stop it. So why not embrace it lol


  5. Some of you guys are taking this post very seriously. Loosen up a little. I ain’t bitter, which is quite a big thing to say to me with that I am, from this one post where I just express some feelings about language, so then I hate life and everything? Its meant as a comedic, sarcastic rant not to be taken too literally with lots of hidden messages and whatnot. We can blog about anything and nothing on here for this class, and I chose this topic to break up the system a bit from all the movie reviews, but I won’t do that anymore if it causes reactions like this… And my post includes my opinion which has been worded a bit on the edge to bring out my point. So just all relax? Unfortunately for me being foreign I do not know the history of the English language as others may know. So I am sorry I did not bring up the history of slang.
    Aliquinny summed it up perfectly: ” silly and fun rant “.
    I mean no harm, I’m not angry, I don’t hate life, I enjoy life and I did not mean to offend people, I’m sorry I expressed an opinion about something that is irrelevant.. if that is even a thing I have to say. I’m not even making an argument. Why this criticism? Some of the words in here I feel personally is on the edge of what is not okay to say to people.


  6. I think this post was hilarious and refreshing to read! Made me laugh honestly, it’s funny how we’ve come to be and the slang or hidden meanings we give to phrases. I think this post really touches on the way our future generations have progressed and what is really important to them. Honestly, I know my 4 year old cousin will take selfies and make sure to remind me that that’s what it is, a selfie, not a normal picture. Great post, really entertaining! (:


  7. This phrase is hilarious to me. Its just another euphemism so that people don’t sound like dogs or feel dirty trying to get some. But even still, simply texting someone to come over and watch a movie still sheds the same light and thats been used used way before our generation. Nothing is ever new, just a different twist to keep you in the trend.


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