Amelie Reaction

The film Amelie is a romantic comedy starring Audrey Tautou about a single girl living in France who finds love while providing her own sense of justice to those around her. It begins when she comes upon a hidden box full of memorable toys once belonging to a child. With the determination of locating the now grown child and the reward of witnessing the reunion of the man with his lost memories, she enters a “justice” phase and sets off to do better in the world. Through her countless adventures, she stumbles upon a lost childhood acquaintance who not only has sparked her interest in becoming a new “project”, but also as a possible love interest. With her very recent “justice” love formation between a coworker and customer, Amelie opens her eyes to her lonely reality.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I typically choose not to watch romantic comedies, however this film brought so many aspects together and was presented in such a perfect way. The use of color throughout the film was what grasped my attention. As a second way to express to the audience how bubbly Amelie is, her entire world is surrounded by bright colors either shown through her appearance or surroundings. Through tough times during the film, her outfits are darker, and her surroundings appear more dull than usual. With each scene where her plan tp create justice is fulfilled, colors become more visible in surroundings. An odd example is the restroom scene where Amelie brings together the obsessive customer and her coworker. The scene instantly becomes brighter and filled with color, with the worded neon lights flickering and creating a brighter environment. The film also composed simple forms of animation such as her heart beating, the stolen key shown in her jacket, and the animal lamps coming to life. I enjoyed that because it made me think that the animations were the director’s way of showing the audience what she was focusing on inside her head at he time.

This film is most likely going to become one of my all-time favorites because of its silly composure. My favorite scenes were of the gnome and the father because of how random they were. The film came off as very informal to traditional film making or movies that I am accustomed to which is what made me thoroughly enjoy it. I never knew what to expect in the next scene which is what kept me interested. After about half an hour I was able to see and understand the recurrence of stories as Amelie completed each task she had set in her head. By taking us through her childhood and experiencing her hobbies with her, we as an audience were able to grow with her as a character as we went through the film. Although she did not clearly state how she was feeling, the audience was able to understand her thoughts through her expressions and moments of hesitance that I consider outstanding talent. By the end of the film I could not help but feel incredibly happy for Amelie as I was taken through her roller coaster of emotionalds throughout the film.


3 thoughts on “Amelie Reaction

  1. Loved your insights on the movie! I agree, many times romantic comedies can be cheesy but this one was done in such a wonderful way that I really enjoyed it. The colors definitely drew my attention and kept me interested as well. I like how you pointed out the difference in colors of her outfits during different periods of her life and what she was going through, I didn’t pick those up. The simple forms of animation definitely gave those scenes a quirky feel and made them funnier, too.


  2. I really liked how you focused on Amelie’s will to “do better for the world” and how dedicated Amelie was as a person. I think that she was a very strong character who had great intentions, and I am glad that someone decided to highlight that.


  3. Nice review but I did not think Amelie was great film. It was hyped up by everyone I knew and the film was overall meh. First the characters are extremely bland. I cannot identify with Amelie. She hardly speaks and it is unclear what here motivations are. As for the other characters, I can’t remember any of their names! Sad dad? Dead mom? Angry store manager. Its never a great sign when the characters are only remember by their position. Amelie did have very unique story telling by listing a characters likes and dislikes. I thought the best part of the film was the music. The accordion only emphasizes that we are in France. I thought the film’s score was beautiful as for the rest of the movie its a mixed bag.


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