Amélie vs. Pushing Daisies

tumblr_mm1ytk623N1s6aghro1_1280One of the first things you notice when you start watching the film Amélie is the unique visual style. It has a very warm color palette, with intense red and green hues. The color blue is hardly shown at all, and even the sky is tinted to look more green. This reminded me of one of my favorite tv shows, Pushing Daisies (2007). I was so surprised to find out that the Pushing Daisies cinematographer, Michael Weaver said that he and the producers decided that the visuals should “feel somewhere between Amélie and a Tim Burton film — something big, bright and bigger than life.”

Pushing Daisies

As you can see, Pushing Daisies clearly took inspiration from the film, and turned the show into one of the most unique shows on the air.

Amélie and Pushing Daisies are also similar with their rapid fire narrators with quirky details about the characters. Amélie’s narrator describes the details about what people like and dislike, and the Pushing Daisies narrator tells us precisely how old each character is when we first meet them.

pushing_daisies_2007_1928_posterIn addition, they both revolve around an unconventional love story. Amélie is interested in Nino, an unusual man who collects discarded photos near photo booths and puts them in an album. Nino then loses this album, and she orchestrates a huge cat and mouse game around Paris in order for Nino to get his album back. In Pushing Daisies, Ned has a gift that allows him to wake the dead, but only for one minute, otherwise someone else around will die if he does not touch them again. Ned discovers his childhood crush was murdered, so he brings her back to life, only they can never physically touch, otherwise she would be dead again.tumblr_ll5vxnKIGf1qdhvcuo1_500

From the very first scene of Amélie, I knew there was something familiar about it. I am so pleased to know that it was because of one of my favorite tv shows, which it actually influenced!! Pushing Daisies is actually mentioned in the “Legacy” section of Amélie’s Wikipedia page: For the 2007 television show Pushing Daisies, a “quirky fairy tale”, ABC sought an Amélie feel, with the same chords of “whimsy and spirit and magic”. Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller said Amélie is his favorite film. “All the things I love are represented in that movie”, he said. “It’s a movie that will make me cry based on kindness as opposed to sadness”. The New York Times‍ ’​ review of Pushing Daisies reported “the Amélie influence on Pushing Daisies is everywhere”.


2 thoughts on “Amélie vs. Pushing Daisies

  1. I had no idea Pushing Daises was based off Amelie! Although I noticed similarities between them, I can’t believe I never picked that up! You made a great point bringing up the color hues such as red and green and how important all the quirky details are. The unconventional love stories are definitely great themes these things have in common. Great insights 🙂


  2. Pushing Daisies is such an amazing and visually beautiful show, and I was so excited to learn that it was based on the visual style of Amelie. As soon as we started watching the movie, I noticed something familiar about it as well. It is such a fresh and unique look, and to see it in its original form and then see the influences in Pushing Daisies is great. The stories are both refreshingly different from the usual romantic comedies out there, too. I’m always a sucker for good aesthetics and unconventional humor.


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