Film Recommendation: Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings is of my top 3 favorite movies. It’s written and directed by John Krokidas and stars Daniel Radcliffe Dane DeHaan and Michael C. Hall. The movie depicts how the beat poetry generation started in America during WWII. Why everyone should watch it: 1) It’s beautiful. Seriously. The cinematography is so pleasing to the eye; the color pallet used and the lighting of every shot is spot on. 2) Daniel Radcliffe is phenomenal as Allen Ginsberg. And this role totally makes you forget he is supposed to be fighting the Dark Lord at Hogwarts instead of starting a new literary generation at Columbia. 3) Actually, all of the actors are phenomenal. Kill Your Darlings is a drama and sometimes actors can make it really cheesy but Dane DeHaan, Michael C. Hall, Ben Foster and Jack Huston take their roles very seriously and portray conflicted writers perfectly. 4) The music selection perfectly fits in with the story. It’s based in the 40’s so there’s a lot of really good 40’s jazz. The beat generation was inspired by jazz music and they portrayed how the music influenced their writing really well. 5)It’s gripping. The whole movie moves very quickly;there’s no point in which you’re like “okay when is this going to be over”. It’s also based on the incredible true story of how Allen Ginsberg and his contemporaries took everything about traditional English poetry and literally teared it apart to create something new and fresh. If you aren’t into historical biographical stories like that or have no idea who Allen Ginsberg or William Burroughs are don’t worry! It’s also about a love triangle that was considered taboo at the time and eventually ends in a murder. Sorry. Spoilers. It also has your fair share of sex, drugs and tomfoolery so maybe don’t watch it with children or your granny.

Go watch it! You can find it online on putlocker or maybe Hulu…not on instant watch on Netflix.


One thought on “Film Recommendation: Kill Your Darlings

  1. Nicely convincing movie recommendation! I love watching movies when I have the time, and this one may find its way onto my list to watch over winter break. I’m always happy watching some beautiful cinematography (one of the reasons Amelie is now near the top of my list of favorite movies) so you mentioning it right from the start makes me interested in watching it.


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