City of God. Meirelles Experiment.

“City of God” 2002 is a crime drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund and barely falls into the category of postmodernism to some degree and then strongly into modernism. Merielles, is well known for his experimental filmmaking and after reading the book Paulo Lins’s City of God, he decided to adapt it to film.

One of the interesting decisions of the filmmaking is his choice of actors. He selected among the inhabitants of a slum, ending up with about 200 children with whom they used in the shooting. Based on a true story- The plot is about two boys and their experiences growing up in one of the most violent neighborhoods of Rio De Janerio. They take up different paths; one becomes a photographer and the other a drug dealer. Kids watch and learn from the violence in the favela in most gruesome manners, killing and stealing without blinking an eye.

The film shows the skeptical interpretations of the culture and economic situation in the slums and the unfairness of society. The boys in the film has no other choice than to be though and hardhearted. Therefore, one could say there are multiple economical and political messages or meanings behind the screening of the film, showing people the harsh truth that is reality for some people.


3 thoughts on “City of God. Meirelles Experiment.

  1. Whenever a movie trailer says “based on a true story” at the end, I either get freaked out if it’s a horror movie or I’m amazed at how crazy life can be. It really opens your eyes about how every little choice you make affects your life in a big way.


  2. When the movie is based on a true story it definitely opens your eyes. To watch a movie that actually can be someone else’s reality makes the film so much more interesting. It it sad to see people struggling in life.


  3. I agree with you guys, it definitely does something with you when it’s based on a true story. It one hundred percent makes the experience hit you harder, however it’s difficult to imagine that this is the reality in some countries.


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