Superhero movies
I have always loved Both Marvel and DC, as they are both similar, but different at the same time. Marvel tend to have more colors, humor and even less serious stories, at least to some degree. They do not mind mixing it up with different characters from their universe and have delivered some of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. However, I can admit they are more like fairy-tales at times. DC on the other hand always has a more realistic and dark approach. The stories they tell are deep and filled with meaning covering a lot more ground than Marvel.

My favorite DC Hero
Batman classify as a “superhero”. He saves the day, but without any superpowers. He even gets his ass beaten a couple of times. Then again, that makes him more bad-ass, and isn’t it easier for viewers to associate and understand what he is fighting for when he is “human”? I love the batman movies made by Christopher Nolan, they are in my opinion the best trilogy out there, and if you are reading this without having seen the trilogy in order, I highly recommend you do.

My Favorite Marvel Hero
Even though my favorite Marvel series must be the avengers, my favorite hero has yet to appear in the movies. Spiderman must be one of the most charismatic superheroes out there. He is a struggling teenager, living with his Aunt and Uncle. The most important thing with Spiderman, is the length he goes to cover his identity and his beloved ones safe. As to which Spiderman series I like the best, I would have to say Tobey Maguire has the best performance, at least in the first two movies. The third one was just embarrassing (not a trilogy I recommend)… The amazing spider man 1 and 2 with Andrew Garfield as Spiderman was “amazing”, but that mostly because of the awesome effects and Emma stone.

Superhero movies give me the dose of adventure I need, either if it is the dark pits of DC or the Fantasy of Marvel. I am not saying realistic is better, but movies like batman, where the protagonist is “normal” makes me think anyone could be the hero! That is the coolest concept of superheroes. They have made movies about that idea, like kick-ass. If you have not seen it yet go see it, and be as inspired as I. All I need now is a costume! And a gym membership…

Oh! The 60’s Spiderman memes are hilarious!


6 thoughts on “Superhero-Movies.

  1. I never noticed that difference between Marvel and DC and I’m honestly a little embarrassed by that now…
    I’m also a huuge Spiderman fan and I strongly believe that he could have been a great asset to The Avengers! He would add so much fun and he’s so much easier to relate to than the others.


  2. Marvels has tv series also… The show I’m following is agents of shield… And with in that show my favourite character is daisy/quake. I too never realized the difference between DC and Marvels. Which makes the comparisons pretty interesting


  3. I always thought that Andrew Garfield was a better Spiderman than Tobey Maguire but now that you’ve pointed out how the awesome effects (and Emma Stone being the film) have made the film, I’m rethinking it… the CGI definitely makes a difference in how the film is perceived by the audience, even if one actor is better than another. Great input!


  4. I just recently watch Ant-Man and was surprised on how good it was. I was actually expecting it to be just another hero movie with a uniform plot structure. But it was very entertaining and i hope that future superhero movies can do the same in creative ways. I love superhero movies but sometimes let down whenever they fall into the cliche category.


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