I was so glad that I finally got the chance to see Amélie in our class a few weeks ago. I knew just from the trailers that I wanted to see this film but never set aside the time. Something that already drew me in from the trailer is the unique way the film is shot and the saturation of colors it contains. The quirkiness of Amélie reminds me of a Baz Luhrmann movie; everything is a little brighter and different, and there’s almost always a focus on fantasy vs. reality. When taking photographs as a child, she imagines the clouds as a bunny rabbit and teddy bear. Inanimate objects come to life before her eyes, because so much of her time is spent in her own head imagining things she wished would be her reality. After she saw Nino, she started to fall for him without really even knowing much about him and would picture him with her, acting like a couple.

Another aspect of fantasy vs reality is how France is portrayed. In the film, it seems very clean with little or no crime and the grocery store always has vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables in season all year round. The street the grocery store is on is supposed to be a main street, yet there are few cars or shops ever open. It seems that the only story in the news the town is focused on is the death of Princess Diana and nothing else. Her death pretty much starts the storyline for Amelie’s search in the owner of the box. Although Amelie is the main role, she is involved in complex storylines. The only storyline that seems to stay throughout the whole film, or most of it, is her love story with Nino. Of course, the film ends with them getting together. Even though the ending of Amélie is somewhat predictable, it was definitely entertaining and fun to watch.


4 thoughts on “Amelie

  1. I like your comparison of fantasy vs reality for the film! I think it definetly ties in with the post modern nostalgia factor. Nostalgia is a sort of fantasy so I think the writers were trying to play off of that concept! I never noticed the difference in the way France is portrayed in the movie versus how it is in real life! Great observation!


  2. I had never heard of Amelie before we watched it in class, and when you got excited after it was mentioned that we were watching it that day, I was definitely encouraged that it would be a good movie. It was quirky and cute, and I like how you pointed out the unique way it was shot. I really enjoyed the idealized version of France and the step away from realism into Amelie’s own little fantasy world.


  3. I absolutely love whimsical realities, like Pushing Daisies or Edward Scissorhands! Nostalgia plays a huge part in this film, and maybe the filmmakers made Paris look the way it did in Amelie so we have that warm feeling of “the good old days” whenever we watch this film.


  4. Very interesting film! Amalie is not my something I would normally watch, but the editing of the film was very captivating. The contrast in colors is unlike any movie I have ever seen. Her childlike imagination was something that I admired about the film. Not enough adults have that unique look on life.


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