Postmodernist filmmaking and Amelie

Postmodernism came in 1977 as a reaction to modernist cinema. Postmodernist filmmaking attempts to express the elements of postmodernism through film. Postmodernist films challenge the mainstream settlements of narrative structure, and plays with the viewer’s suspension. Postmodernist films focus on that the meaning is often created through the spaces and transitions between words, images, and moments. The spaces between cuts of actions create as much meaning as the scenes themselves. Postmodernist filmmaking mixes many kinds of film styles and genres together, and emphasizes nostalgia.

Amelie is a movie that has a great emphasis on nostalgia. Pleasure for pleasure sake. The colors and sound in Amelie have an important role in terms of this. The colors in the movie are warm and make an impression of a safe, bright world. The music that is used is often traditional French melodies, which also influences the feeling of nostalgia. Celebration of the small pleasures of life and imitation from the past are important parts of the movie, as well. The movie undermines the status quo and challenges the grand narrative through characterization. The contact Amelie has with the audience, undermine the audience’s expectations and challenges the nature of representation. The movie mixes different styles and genres as well. We get a hint of comedy, romance, and drama throughout the film. The animated effects in the film are also an element that subverts established genre and challenges the construction of the film. As opposed to most classical films, Amelie is more formalist in its orientation. Emphasis is placed on symbolism and composition.


2 thoughts on “Postmodernist filmmaking and Amelie

  1. I loved the feeling of nostalgia that came with watching Amelie, and the fact that it was meant to make me happy as a viewer. The romance and comedy mixed with drama made a very entertaining combination. The use of color in the film was probably one of my favorite aspects of it as a whole, and I also like how you mentioned the sound involved. I had not really noticed much of the sound track before but I will definitely pay attention to that the next time I watch it.


  2. I am not sure why i did not enjoy Amelie. Everyone else seemed to like it a lot. I just felt like the movie invaded my personal space and Amelie herself did not seem very interesting. Anyways, great insight and thoughts! I definitely learned a lot by reading this post 🙂


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