Sunset Boulevard opening scene analysis

In the opening sequences of “Sunset Boulevard” sets up a couple of key expatiation about the film. The film opens up with close up shot of the curb Sunset Boulevard which serves as both name of the movie and the street. The next thing we thing that happens is we hear the narrator come up on the screen telling you where you are, in the background we see a police squad, which the narrator tells it is a homicide squad. The opening sequence final image is that of a dead body floating in a pool.


One of the major expectation that is generated is seen in the opening shoot. The expectation that is set up is that this film will be of the Film Noir genre. The shoot is of high contrast with low key lighting a key. The expectation of the genre is when hear the narrator speak cynically of dead floating body in the pool. This helps strength the exception because Film Noir are known to have a darker or somber mood to them.

On other big expectation is that the film will eventually end with us getting all answers to why this guy ended up dead in the pool. Since we started at the end we have the expectation that we will see how we ended up at this point. The narrator even offers to us that we will hear the true story before it get twisted by the media.

Overall the opening sequences of “Sunset Boulevard” does a good job of setting up expectations the viewer should have about the movie.


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