Once Were Warriors Reaction

This film was very intense and stressful to watch. The violent scenes scary me because I don’t know if the abusive husband was about to kill his wife. I realize a strategy when making a movie like this. The aim in the beginning is for you to develop a personal relationship with the actor (wife), trying to make her your best friend and show how innocent she is. Someone who just loves her family and trying to live in community. Then when she gets beat on by the tyrant (husband) you feel emotionally involved and develop hatred towards the tyrant and want to see his fall, so your hooked.

There were parts I was afraid that she was going to die in a upcoming scene. The score for the film used sounds of wind during intense moments that would stress me out. I cant breathe in high winds pushing against my face, and my memory remembers the sound of harsh winds hitting against my ears. So when I heard the sounds of wind, I held my breath and my heart began to race a little faster that it typically would, giving the full or even greater effect of what was happening in that violent scene. Thats what I guess you have to do to put that extra fear factor into the audience.

As I grew up, I watched only what my mother allowed me to watch. She didn’t really see the art in a film, just the message it was sending to the audience. She doesn’t like watching movies that are violent and make her feel uneasy or put her in a bad place during her day like horror film. I would normally follow those same footsteps but my eye has opened for art and I can now feel the beauty of it regardless of the genre. A movie can be horrible, but in the horror, its beautiful. Like the term, “its a beautiful mess”. I hated that movie, but its was really good.


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