The Piano

This film gave off a sexually uncomfortable vibe. The man who uses her piano to gain sexual permissions. Also very uncomfortable between the husband she never met and how they never really fit, more so because he had no concern over her passion which was her piano. The director did a good job of capturing awkward moments and emotions. As the audience, I really felt what it could be like for those who marry into a family without any say so. This film did not satisfy my expectation the way I thought it would go down. The cutting of her finger, and for her to fall for a man who took advantage of her. Meh.


7 thoughts on “The Piano

  1. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable in class. I also thought that Ada was a victim of Stockholm Syndrome because George was such a creep. At least the husband was trying to understand her for a little bit.


  2. I was uncomfortable as well and definately saw the strong influences of Stockholm Syndrome, I think it was beautiful yet tragic but also didn’t satisfy all of my expectations. I think if the husband had tried more in the beginning it would have been a more fufilling story.


  3. I think this movie does dig deeper into the culture of arranged marriages. I actually am not even sure if this was an arranged marriage…. and even though the mother Ada could not speak, the audience could capture her emotions perfectly. The relationship between Ada and George Baines is definitely spontaneous and able to make audiences confused and uncomfortable. I did not see symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome between Ada and her fiance Alisdair because throughout the entire movie, you could see that she resented him. She did however, sneak into his room, but I viewed it as her attempting to push George out her her mind.


  4. I agree with your review. As an audience member, i think the movie does give an off vibe. There was an alright storyline, but as you said the awkwardness of characters was too much. I think the movie would have done better if the piano guy showed romance and not be so sexual.


  5. I totally agree with what you are saying. I felt like there was no one to root for, and the ending did not satisfy me at all. I was not pleased with Ada falling for a man who took advantage of her.


  6. I agree with you! I am already an awkward person, and i felt insanely more awkward watching this movie. I do not understand how she fell for a man basically raping her and forcing her to do super-weird stuff.. I did not enjoy the movie whatsoever.


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