HIFF Experience

Last Monday, I went to see a film at HIFF Anamolisa with Silje and used my voucher to experience my first film festival. I will be posting the movie reaction and post for the HIFF website so this post will focus more on my experience going to the movie. When I first pictured the event I imagined it to be bigger than it was. There was a table set up for the box office where you could go up and purchase your tickets, or in my case exchange my voucher. I was nervous at first thinking I wouldnt be able to get a ticket for I was running late but when I arrived there was not that many people there to my surprise.

When it was time to go into the film, we had to follow taped lines and stand depending on your ticket and walk through, hand in your ticket and then you were allowed in. There was a red carpet and photo op set up to the side in the main lobby which was pretty cool, although I didn’t know anyone who were getting there pictures taken. When we got to our theater, we were given rating sheets to give back after the movie. Inside the theater there were seats reserved and we ended up sitting in the back of the room. There was a very tough scary looking security guard who was standing guard which was a bit intimidating. In addition, he spoke later about filming in the theater and how he would be patrolling with night vision glasses (where can I get some?) and there would be a security guard in the booth above as well.

Waiting for the movie was fun, instead of normal previews there were short synopsis (synopsi?) about other films being featured in the festival. Overall it was a fun experience, a little different than what I expected but I enjoyed it very much.


3 thoughts on “HIFF Experience

  1. This also was my first ever experience for film festivals… For me it was quite entertaining and I never realized the security guard though I did realized the synopsis of films… That was truly different… I watched Tyke: Elephant Outlaw and was super engaging.


  2. I also enjoyed HIFF very much! I went to see The Invitation which was super good! I really felt like a part of an exclusive club and not just a regular movie-goer which made it that much more special! I can’t wait for next year!


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