Tyke: Elephant Outlaw Review

Saturday I went to watch a film that’s apart of HIFF. It’s simple really. The film is called Tyke: Elephant Outlaw. Anybody whose seen Blackfish can somehow relate this documentary. It goes very much the same. A wild caught animal forced into an industry to perform circus acts then it ends up killing the very people that was training them. 

Tyke was an African elephant that was caught when she was still young. She was then transferred to state side and was put into work with the Hawthourne Group. She eventually landed on the tropical island of Oahu in 1994 where she met her end. On August 20th 1994 Tyke broke free ending up killing her trainer and injurying dozens more. She ended up wondering the streets of Honolulu for 30 minutes before she was eventually gunned down. 

This documentary explored her story. It used compelling video footage from the day and shock inducing interviews by the witnesses. They even brought in a former trainer of Tyke’s to shed more light into the issue. This was meant to be a animals rights film, this was meant to explore our connection to animals. 

Overall I’d say that this film was inspiring and compelling. It told the story effectively and narratively. It played with our emotions just right and produced a great result. 


2 thoughts on “Tyke: Elephant Outlaw Review

  1. I was at one of the screenings of Tyke the Elephant Outlaw as well. I thought the film was very well put together. In my opinion, this film can be the push needed to end to the exploitation of exotic animals for entertainment.


  2. I didn’t see Tyke but i did see a little bit of Blackfish and know how much it could possibly relate to captivity with elephants. Thank you for sharing, I will try and see it if I can find it online.


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