The film Earthlings is one of the most gruesome and heartbreaking documentaries I have ever seen. For that same reason, so many people refuse to watch it. The intense film is a documentary that focuses on the different ways humanity uses animals; pets, clothing, entertainment, food, and scientific research. The film gets extremely graphic, showing the horrific slaughters of animals for food and clothes, the extreme pain and death that comes with scientific research, and the methods of euthanization for pets that can’t be cared. Earthlings has been referred to as ‘the vegan maker’, which is exactly what happened to me after viewing this film. I have been vegan for 3 months now. The film is intense, but powerful. Earthlings exposes the cruelties, especially in the food industry, and talks about the environmental effects massive factory farms are having on the environment. Water consumption, habitat loss, carbon dioxide emissions, carbon monoxide production, and waste production are major contributions to the pollution issues we face today.

Many people refuse to watch this film because of the graphic footage. That bothers me that some people have no issues eating meat, but refuse to observe how it happens. My favorite quote from the movie is “if slaughter houses were made of glass, everyone would be vegan”. This quote may be a little over exaggerated by saying “everyone would be vegan”, but I do think that there would be a major change in the general diet if everyone witnessed what happens inside a slaughter house.


One thought on “Earthlings

  1. I would have to disagree. I know fully well how nasty slaughter houses look when operating and butchering the animals. Even more so, I’ve helped kill and prepare several different types of animals that I had caught and planned to eat. And it does make the meat taste better when it’s something you hunted and killed yourself. Of course, I also have a fascination with many predatory species like spiders, sharks, snakes, felines, hyenas, etc. And watching documentaries or shows about them does almost revel in showing how they tear other animal apart.


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