Tyke Elephant Outlaw

I attended the screening of Tyke Elephant Outlaw which was apart of the Hawaii International Film Festival. Tyke was a African circus elephant that turned on her trainer and ended up killing him during a 1994 show in Honolulu. Tyke proceeded to escape to the city streets and experienced freedom for the first time since her capture in the 1970s. This film covered a couple different point of views of the circus and how the animals are treated. I am very passionate about animal rights and do not see circuses as a constructive form of education. Elephants performing in tutus is simply a cruel form of exploitation. Animals performing for our entertainment is something that I do not agree with. I try to envision the animals point of view. No animal would chose a life in captivity to entertain humans over a life of freedom in their natural habitat.There were multiple moments during the film that my fists tightened while listening to the opinions of people in the circus industry that think what they do is okay because the people love it and are being educated about the animals during their shows.

Overall, I thought the film was excellent. Even though I could not stand to listen to some of the opinions of the circus workers, I understand why those opinions were voiced in the film. Understanding the perspectives of the people we don’e agree with can help our arguments for the future to rebuttal and educate these people.


4 thoughts on “Tyke Elephant Outlaw

  1. I agree. A circus is not a constructive form of an educational experience. It only shows how well an animal can take orders from a trainer that beats them. I also have thoughts against zoos and that all animals should be free. If anything, analyze them for a short period of time, and then put them back into the wild so that it may live a natural life it was meant to live. Just my thoughts


  2. I agree that we shouldn’t contain intelligent animals when it can have a negative impact on their brain development. I think it’s really important that people watch film like these to open their minds to understanding animal rights.


  3. My mom and my older brother were actually supposed to have been at that circus show when all of that happened. A change of plans on the day saved them from having to witness it firsthand, but I still heard the story all the time growing up and I was surprised when I learned there was a documentary made about it. I’d be really interested to see the film and hear more of the details and perspectives about it, but I do completely agree that animals should not be put in such situations, nor should their handlers.


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