The Invitation Review

The Invitation was an extremely captivating thriller about an LA dinner party with friends who had gotten out of touch after a traumatic event. The movie does a great job at depicting grieving and loss in a real and intense way. The filming and overall production helped the audience to relate to the main character who was struggling with grieving and reuniting with his ex-wife and old friends. There were scenes that depicted the main character’s point of view through internal monologue and visual representations of what he was thinking. This was beautifully filmed and created apathy for the main character. I thought that the character development was only strong for the main character and that it could have been stronger for the ex-wife because she played an important role in the climax. I could not get a sense of whether or not she was committed to her new lifestyle or if she missed her old life.
Initially I thought The Invitation was going to mimic the thriller You’re Next and follow a murdering spree amongst dinner party guests but I was pleasantly surprised that it was essentially about a man trying to cope with the loss of his son and his ex-wife’s new life. The story started off a little slowly but I think it added to the suspense and character development. After the climax, the remaining time of the movie was extremely stressful. I was so into the thrill of the events that I had not noticed my jaw was dropped the entire time. I was also very impressed that there were no horror movie duds among the characters; they all seemed to be level headed and determined to make it out alive. The added twist at the end gave me goose bumps and let my brain wander for the rest of the night.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Invitation. I actually appreciated how much time they spent on accurately representing the main character’s emotions and adding to the suspense. The part of the movie that was thrilling was captivating and logically written and the end sent audience members home worrying about getting nightmares that night.


One thought on “The Invitation Review

  1. I really enjoyed this film as it was an alternate look at how people can grieve after a traumatic event. When only reading the summary before watching the film, I agree with you that it sounded like it would be a knockoff to You’re Next. This film proved me wrong with every expectation I had previously had. Phenomenal film and I am already recommending it to so many others!


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