Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter, a film released in 1945, is a classical melodrama film that centered around the month long affair of a two married people who happen to meet by chance. Laura Jesson is the housewife of a loving husband although their marriage has become dull and routine. Set in 1938 Britain, Laura goes every Thursday to a nearby town to do her shopping, see a film, and then return home to her family. One day, she is helped by a man who her remove a piece of dirt from her eye and she goes on her way. The next week she meets the same man and eventually they decide to spend time together. Laura learns that his name is Alec Harvey, a doctor who works once a week at the hospital who is also married and has kids. The two begin spending Thursdays together, going from a harmless friendship to something more. When they realize they begin feeling the need to lie to those they know and confess their feelings for each other they both begin to feel remorse and shame, but continue with the affair. When it comes close to the end of their brief encounter, Alec reveals he is taking a job offer in Africa to help end their relationship and they both are torn over it. When they finally are forced to finally say goodbye, they are prevented from the goodbye they would like to give and are forced to part ways empty handed. The film ends with Laura back home with her husband after dodging a suicidal impulse as he thanks her for coming back to him.

  • Brief Encounter is a British film that was directed by David Lean. Prior to this movie, David Leon was not well known in American cinema and was popular mainly in Europe.
  • The film has characteristics of film noir as well as being a melodrama. Despite the love tale, however, the characters are not over-glamorized and instead are more mundane and realistic. At the time when this film was produced, melodrama films were very popular with British audiences, peaking after the post war years.

To be honest, I felt as though this film was very overdramatic (but it is a melodrama sooo…). It was a stereotypical story of forbidden love that to my surprise didn’t have anything to do with teenagers going behind their parents back to be together. It seemed a bit unrealistic that you would fall for someone after they take dust out of your eye but I liked the story nonetheless.  Would recommend if you like older films!


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