Finishing a Show </3

I just finished the last season of Kitchen Nightmares available on Netflix and figured it would be a fun post to blog about. Finishing a series or show, whether it be the last season till the next one comes out or the last in general is always the worst. It so funny how shows can create an emotional attatchment in us that has us heartbroken for a little bit. Here are some of the stages I feel experience after finishing a great show:

1.Withdrawl – I start missing the show and realizing wait what will I do now with all this time…what does my life mean anymore?!

7i377gb7ehh2.png2. Relapse – I start to feel the need to rewatch the entire series (ex. watched the whole Office like 3 times) who cares if I’ve seen the same episode so manny times I can quote it? Still good!

3. Recovery – I finally come out of my little sadness cocoon and decide to try a new show and move on with my life. Time to start another one!



What were your favorite series/shows and how did you get over them? 😛


6 thoughts on “Finishing a Show </3

  1. Honestly I can relate to this way too much. One of the worst things for me is getting into a show on Netflix and binge watching everything up to the current season, and then having to adjust to watching it normally. To go from watching an entire season in a few days to one episode per week is horrible, and exactly what I did with Once Upon a Time like two years ago. Another thing I hate though, is watching an entire show that’s already ended and realizing when you finish it that there is nothing more coming ever. I did that with Parks and Recreation, and to deal with that I just go back and watch random episodes from time to time.


  2. I absolutely agree with you about having withdrawals after finishing a TV series or season. I believe the TV crew and cast have done an amazing job when I find myself able to connect with characters, feel sympathy for them, and go through a roller coaster of emotions as I watch each episode. TV shows have become addicting which can be a good and bad thing. It is good that cast members can become famous for their role, win awards, and be praised for their hard work, but bad as for some viewers, this TV show can consume their life. While I do think watching TV shows with friends and family can be a good bonding experience and tradition for some (for example watching a new episode with your best friend each week), I think people need to be able to control themselves and step away from the laptop and TV screen for a couple hours and really enjoy life. My favorite TV show was How I Met Your Mother which followed a group of adult friends who try to figure our where their lives are going as Ted, the main character tries to find the love of his life and future wife. The story is told in the present day as Ted is already married and has two children, and he is telling them the story of how he met their mother. While this show is a comedy, it really hits fans hard as they learn to fall in love with each character. I got over this show by shutting my laptop off for a week and finally experiencing that bright light we all know as the sun (:


  3. ahhhh so relatable. right now im overcoming the mid season finale of The Walking Dead, and i have been in withdrawal of Game of Thrones since the last season ended in May… having to wait that much for stuff makes me anxious lol and to kill the wait i see over and over again olders shows like Scrubs or The Office. Now I’m binging MASH though.


  4. I have only ever kept up with one show which was Narcos. I watched one episode than watched seven more in one day, there was only ten episodes in the first season. I get this feeling of confusion like “What do I do now?” its always hard jumping into a new show. I tried watching the Walking Dead but it is impossible to run from spoilers. I get the same sense when I’m finishing a book, mostly if there are no sequels and it isn’t a franchise. You get to know the characters and feel for them then everything is over and you just move on…


  5. Hahaha yes Leilani! That’s how I feel every time I finish watching a show on Netflix. First it was Mad Men, then Gossip Girl, The Office, Parks & Rec, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Breaking Bad and other ones I can’t remember. Oh man the withdrawal really sets in when you sit down after a long day ready to chill and realize you have to start something else *cries* I have relapsed a few times, mostly rewatching Jim and Pam’s love story unfold ❤ but have learned to recover and start anew.


  6. This is so true! This is exactly how I feel every time I finish a show. I get really emotionally connected to the characters ever time I find a show I really like.


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