Food Inc.

Food Inc., a documentary about our current food system has opened my eyes to the trickery and mistreatment of big businesses and coporations on us, the consumers.

The documentary first talks about the meat industry and the industrial production of chicken, beef, pork. It was so eye opening to me to learn about the enviornmental and economic downfalls of how we produce our meat, not to mention the inhumane act we commit on animals. It also talks about the agricultural system and the  how far production primarily corn and soybeans have become out of control and progressed to the point where we won’t be able to sustain ourselves for very long. The documentary is also super informative about the lack of transparency when it comes to food labeling and major food companies who can supply cheap but contaminated food, use of petroleum-based chemicals that only add to global warming, and the promotion of unhealthy food consumption habits by the American public.


I would definately recommend this documentary to anyone, it affects us all. 10/10 really eye opening and scary.


6 thoughts on “Food Inc.

  1. I had to watch Food Inc. for a class last semester and I found it incredibly eye opening as well. It’s weird how watching one film about the food and agriculture industry can make you question so much about how our country functions as a whole. It is definitely a good start at getting people to look at things differently and want to make a change.


  2. Food Inc. is an awesome film! Very informative and awesome exploitation of major food corporations. You should check out Earthilings if you have not seen it already. That is the film that made me go vegan. Very tough to watch some parts.


  3. I have had to watch Food Inc. for multiple classes for the past 3 years thoroughly enjoyed while learning something new each time. I think it is a powerful documentary that can open the eyes of the viewers to the cruelties within the food industry. It is absolutely crazy to me that the Food and Drug Administration is aware of these awful and unsanitary conditions to animals and factory workers and they brush it off like it is nothing. I really think major corporations who have top lawyers and a lot of money have such an influence over laws in the US regarding food.


  4. I’ll watch this one day. All I know now though is that the food industry is messed up wherever you turn. Its like, you cant even pull up a carrot from the ground and it may have already been stuffed with ugly chemicals. I just know that I try to eat as clean as possible and avoid processed foods… and organic if i can afford it.


  5. I agree Food Inc. was definitely an “eye-opening” documentary. Very informative in revealing food companies secrets. I had the same reaction as you did 🙂


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