Racing Extinction

The world premier of Racing Extinction was aired last night on Discovery channel. The film was  broadcasted in 220 different countries. I did not have a chance to see the film last night, but was able to see an early screening over the summer at PangeaSeed’s World Oceans Day Hawaii festival. Racing Extinction is the most powerful documentary I have ever seen. The film confronts the current state of the earth. We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction and in the next 100 years 50% of  species could be gone forever. Topics such as overfishing, whaling, shark finning, carbon emissions, and the effects of the meat industry are discussed throughout the film.

Over the summer, after the screening of the film there was an uproar of cheers and tears that filled the theatre. A couple of my friends and I just looked at each other and decided that this is it. This is the film that can change the world. Even though I was not able to view the world premier last night, I followed hashtags on social media sites to see what was being said about the film. So many people wrote about how the film inspired them. Some wrote about what sort of lifestyle changes he or she are going to make. The most shocking thing to me was the amount people who were talking about how this film actually made them cry. This is the most powerful and important films ever created. I recommend watching and getting others to watch Racing Extinction.


2 thoughts on “Racing Extinction

  1. I feel like I always have a love and hate relationship with these types of films, I love the knowledge I get from it, but also hate that this is what is happening in the world. I’m putting this film on my next to watch, it sounds really cool that you got to experience it beforehand. I can only imagine what being there with all those emotions were like, it’s heartbreaking to learn the hard truth, but also so motivating to start changing.


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