How I Deal With Stress

This semester has been super stressful for me with 6 classes, work and life. I thought I maybe could share a few tips and tricks with you all on how Im handling it. Not that I’m really handling it too well having migrene attacks and constant headache every day, but why not.

1. Sleep. Cannot address how important sleep it. It helps you stay sane, so I’m not afraid to admit that if I need it I will be deep asleep by 9pm.

2. Eating right. So when I’m stressed, I forget to eat. Which is bad. Super bad. You need the energy, and your body needs the energy. There’s no magic tricks. And stay away from junk food…

3. Treat yo self. Sometimes all you need is some time alone to do whatever. I like shopping. Alone. My wallet hates it though. And I love working out. Its like mental therapy.

4. Sleep. So important i gotta say it twice.

These are a few boring generic tips I have about dealing with stress. Thought it was cool to talk about that a bit since finals week is staring us in the eye. One week to do, lets do it guys! What do you do to deal with stress?


5 thoughts on “How I Deal With Stress

  1. I like that you decided to talk about stress as finals week is right around the corner… but I do not see how this relates to cinema at all. A way that I will relate it to cinema is I do think the act of watching television and films can be a calming experience to some and a go-to comfort when people need to unwind and escape from reality for a little bit. When I go to a friend’s house and see an entire wall full of stacked movies, I can tell that movie watching is an extreme hobby for them and it is most likely a way that they deal with stress. Personally I like to sit and read a book to unwind myself but a tradition I always have is after I finish a book that has been made into a movie, I give myself exact one week to watch the film!


    1. Thank you for the comment! I agree, watching TV and sometimes films is very helpful to relax. Our blogposts though dont have to relate to cinema, we can blog about anything we feel like. The syllabus does not say that our posts have to only be about cinema, so thats why i chose not to. But i really like that you tied it in anyway! I didnt think of that. I love reading books too! Right now im reading Game of Thrones. but school is taking a lot of precious reading time from me hahah


  2. I love those techinques, they really help me destress. Honestly one of the best techniques for me, although not the best when I’m on a strict time schedule, is rewatching favorite shows and films that remind me of less stressful times…then I remember how much I need to do and how much time just went by. But I like this post, reminds me of what I am and should be doing!


  3. I also like to rewatch my favorite shows in stressful periods of my life. They make me think of less stressful times and give me a break from reality.


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