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In reading the case study of Rabbit-Proof Fence I learned how a countries leaders can be forced to apologize for wrong-doings from a movie to a whole group of people.The author talks about what Britain did to the Aborigini’s and separating the children from there parents and the tribe.Complete disrespect from Britain and it is still apparent there today. That is why when the film came out they had to apologize, but reading that statement made me laugh. An apology does nothing to fix anything, that’s like when BP spills oil in the ocean and they release commercials saying there ‘sorry’. It does not fix the problem, and we still see segregation over there to this day.

The author when talking about the movie mentions an “Hollywood-esque happy ending” and explains that Phlilip Noyce the director  “had spent many years in Hollywood to making this film.” Noyce, being Australian I feel was compelled to tell this story. The author mentions “the film was successful i managing to bring the plight of the Stolen Generations to global attention.” Noyce felt the world should see the tragedy that had happened over there. The racism that faced mixed children, and confining them to one space so the could eventually turn white after four generations is sick minded. “It is estimated that 10-30 per cent of all interracial children were forcibly removed…referred to now as the ‘Stolen Generation’.” I feel this is information that has been hidden from us. I had no idea Australia did this to Aborigini’s before a year ago. This film captures that, along with the many other films the author mentions in the case study.

I feel the author hit on all sides and Noyce making this movie was right in doing this. Any criticism he got for being “overly sentimental” is overlooked by me. A story of this magnitude is supposed to have love and compassion. How else is the viewer going to be relieved when the happy ending comes. Noyce depicted a true story as best as he could and he used it with real landscape. I feel the film touched a lot of people, it certainly made the world recognize the horrible acts put on by the Britainsin the 1700’s.


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  1. Its unbelievable that this even occurred in Australia. I had no idea that this even happened until I saw this film which is crazy. Its also crazy that the girls had to do this walk twice and the rules carried over into their adult lives. The whole thing is unbelievable. As for the film, it was OK. It wasn’t anything special or amazing but it does do a nice job informing the viewer of Australia’s dark past.


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