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This week I chose to screen Kung Fu Hustle written and directed by Stephen Chow. This film ranks high on my movie list to recommend people to watch. It is stuffed with action, along with hilarious comedy. Stephen Chow makes everything flow together and create the many as one factor. All the main characters come together for the final fight and we see the movie mold and form in front of our face.

The book mentions metanarratives and micronarratives. Kung Fu Hustle displays a grand narrative or metanarratives through the axe gang and the people of pig sty alley. The axe gang gets fed up with not being able to taking down the small village that Sing had initially started the rivalry by posing as the axe gang. The axe gang then hires the music men assassins, they get defeated. The axe gang then hires the beast and we ultimately come to the final fight. The little narrative or metanarratives is Sing and the girl when they were young kids. They eventually become ‘two kids in a candy store’ while the story of them was told in small sequences throughout the film.

The music in this film plays an important role and defines the film as being postmodern. My favorite scene is when the music assassins come to the village to fight. They use the harp as their weapon to throw punches and fling swords while we hear the music they play. The use of this technique is the definition of postmodernism. Connecting actions we see through music we hear, and this aesthetic was my favorite quality of the film. I had never seen this done in film and seeing this take place really propelled my liking of the film.

The other great quality this film displays is the CGI. We gradually see visual effects used more and more during the entirety of the film. We see it used when the axe gang shows up and a dark cloud hovers over their side, when Sing enters the insane asylum, when the landlady chases Sing, and in the final fight. The CGI plays a significant role, even though at times it is apparent CGI is used, almost video game looking.

Kung Fu Hustle I feel mimics The Matrix to a certain extent, just by the music at times and the CGI. But what movie has not used elements of other films to help better their production. I think Kung Fu Hustle is a great movie and one of the best films I have seen in a while.


2 thoughts on “no title

  1. Ah Kung Fu Hustle, I remember the first time I watched this film when I was younger with my dad, mom did not approve! I love the acting and effects in this movie, especially during the fight scene. The splashes of humor make the film and I agree that the music was a really big role in the film. I think it also did a very good job of setting the mood and mirroring action going on in the film.


  2. You know, I still can’t decide if I prefer the sub or dub of the this movie. There’s a certain draw to poorly dubbed kung fu that reminds me of all the old ones I watched.


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