I chose to screen The Piano directed by Jane Campion. This movie I feel shows the rights woman had in pre­colonial times which were not many. Nowadays the feminist movement would look down upon this time in history. Arranged marriages, the hitting of woman; just all around misogyny. That being said, I feel this movie would not be as good if it were made by a man. Also the full nudity of Harvey Keitel I guarantee would not have been shown if it was a male director directing a Hollywood film. Campion uses fetishism in this film with the characters Ada and George. George has a strong desire for Ada and with her being deaf he has to show it physically rather than verbally. Dealing with the oedipal stage of toddlers I think it deals with the environment they are in rather than clothes you where. Ada plays a lot of advocacy in her daughter’s actions. Her daughter also must converse with people via sign language, so that may play a role with her being a mature child. When I look at feminism and compare it to The Piano I look to the director Jane Campion. Her visual style in filming this movie is unique. What we call the feminist movement in today’s age is not shown at all. It is obvious with her demeanor throughout the film . At the end the main character Ada thinks of death, and throughout the movie a smile is never shown. The movie has a grey ominous feel to it. Yet, I still will make a comparison to feminism and our reading that correlate with the film. I feel it deals with the nudity of the film, and in our reading of ‘Jacque Lacan’s Influence of Feminist Film Theory.’ Ada is the ‘controlled object’ while George is the ‘subject.’ I say this because without George making a deal with Ada for her piano Ada would not have been controlled to do things. However, Ada would not have fallen in love with George if it was not for him throwing himself at her. Granted, he did it in a weird way, but he showed he was kind, loving, and full of respect. As I feel that is what the feminist movement would base their ways of wanting to be treated on.


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