This week I screened Nightcrawler wrote and directed by Dan Gilroy. In our reading we have the definition of synoptic for the films we watched. We see the comparison in the definition with ‘the many watching the few.’ People get their fill of news on a daily basis and the stories that they watch is news that only happen to very small percentage of people. That being said once the masses hear one story about one guy the fear factor is in motion.

While watching Nightcrawler the viewer can see a physical coercion psychologically between the characters Lou and Nina. Also the apathy factor between the character Lou is apparent in the film. He has a lack of respect for people and one goal in mind, to make money selling bloody fear ridden accidents to news programs so they can scare their viewers. Lou shows jouissance characteristics for his new freelance job. He tampers with evidence, plays with people’s emotions, and even breaks into family’s home just for a good shot.

Also the character Lou shows hegemony to his co-worker and Nina as well. Even though he is at the bottom ladder rung in job placement, he shows leadership. He has the ability to own the conversation and demand answers from people that are above him in power. You notice in this movie that any below angled shot is on Lou and never on anyone else. That is because this movie is all about this character as well as showing how news programs run stories. They mention in the movie if it ‘bleeds it leads’ and this comment holds true to any big city news station.

My opinion about the film is it had a more ‘go with your gut’ aspect rather than ‘common sense.’ I personally enjoyed the movie because it shows realism in how news people operate. It matters about number of viewers rather than the type of people that watch their show to news people and I personally think their business is dirty. I felt this movie was not highly cinematic in visuals because it was made to look real. The scenes have a dark look, daytime shots are filmed inside Lou’s home, and everyone is feeding off of crime. All in all Jake Gyllenhaal plays a great role, but I feel the film could have more. The ending is to abrupt, and is happy for the main character Lou. While, the movie was intended to be a shadowy and dim look. However, the movie is entertaining by showing how news people operate and the content the bring to the public.


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