Film Exposure

Throughout this final semester of college (for me, at least), I have found myself watching more films than I have in any singular point of time in my life. I think that’s what film theory and cinema studies forces people to do. When studying film, some inexperienced viewers have to unstick themselves from the monotony of typical American cinema- to make the transition from watching movies based on entertainment value to analyzing them for their subtexts and comparing them in the vein of the genre the film attempts to portray. This then involves some personal removal from the “comfort zone”.

I hear some people say that they don’t watch “old” movies because they are not technologically advanced like the films of the present-day.

Well, no shit!

However, once one understands that films like Citizen Kane (1941) and 2001 (1968) were highly technologically advanced (in both equipment used and in structure), then I believe one can begin to appreciate the renown these films had (and still have) considering the eras in which they were made. And in my opinion, these films look much more beautiful than the special effects laden Transformers or even Titanic.


One thought on “Film Exposure

  1. I agree, I too have found myself watching more films than ever before. And I was previously also one to say that I didnt watch “old” movies because of the same reason you mention here, but I have figured out that I do in fact enjoy them very much.


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