Creed vs Rocky

With the recent release of Creed people are going to naturally try to compare this new film property with its universal predecessor Rocky. I think the best way to see the two films side by side is by using the overarching theme of the movie Creed as a reference.

Throughout the film Adonis “Donny” Johnson, is trying to make his own name in the world of boxing without relying on the fame of his father’s last name. In the movie, Donny comes to the realization that it’s not the name, but what you do with it. Much in the same way, Creed establishes itself as a fantastic film in its own right. It does not shy away from associating itself with the Rocky franchise (It casts Sylvester Stallone as Balboa once again and references the past lore of the franchise) yet at the same time does not completely rest on the laurels of the already established canon. Creed is a fresh take on a tried and true formula, a modern boxing movie that I wouldn’t be surprised to see as the Rocky of the new generation.


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