Is Netflix killing TV?

Not just Netflix, but all the similar online providers. Those services are more convenient than watching shows or movies on TV. No ads, can pause and restart whenever, don’t have to wait for reruns, and you can use just about any device that has a video screen and access to the internet. Quite a few exclusive series have been popping up on Netflix and only available on Netflix. The creators of these series also seem to have more freedom in writing than what they seem to have working under other companies that make adhere to their requirements along with what’ allowed to be shown on TV. Almost everyone uses services like Netflix, from us students to even the teachers here at HPU. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me seeing how services like this are what killed Blockbuster and similar rental stores.


5 thoughts on “Is Netflix killing TV?

  1. If the traditional cable do not step up their game offering more content for less price they will definitely die out. I mean, why should people pay a lot of money to see a movie on TV, interrupted by commercials every ten minutes, when you can get a much better less interrupted experience on Netflix, HBO or Prime.


  2. One of the main reasons for why I personally prefer Netflix and other services like it, and use it religiously is exactly because I see the difference between screenwriting for movies and shows made for these streaming companies compared to art that is written for Television. I enjoy it way more when the creators are free to write and create as they see fit, and not be bounded by Television ethics.


  3. It is crazy to think of how fast things such as Netflix are taking over. It is becoming more and more common for people to have an account rather that cable in their homes. I wonder what it will be like 10 years from now.


  4. I agree netflix is killing tv but I do not think that is a bad thing. TV has a lot of propaganda in its news telling. I personally do not watch tv i think it is bad for the health especially from those commercials


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