Mad Max series

Some time ago I marathoned all the Mad Max movies. They were all pretty enjoyable in slightly different ways. I feel the first one is the weakest of the series. It was a lot more slow paced and didn’t feel like any of the other Mad Max movies. Road Warrior, the sequel, was the movie that set all future Mad Max movie tones/settings. The second one fully put in that the world was wrecked and everyone was out to survive the wasteland. Thunderdome was my favorite of all the movies. It probably also has where almost all common Mad Max quotes come from. It’s safe to say Thunderdome is probably most people’s favorite Mad Max movies. I don’t really want to call Fury Road a Mad Max movie. Max really didn’t need to be in the movie at all. 95% of all his dialogue is nothing but grunts. I’m fine with it being set in the same universe of Mad Max, but putting the character Max in feels tact on and just trying to appeal to nostalgia. Of course, not having Mel Gibson reprise his role has Max doesn’t give the same as having a new/different actor play the character.


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