Mutiny on the Bounty (1984) reaction

Scene still from Mutiny on the Bounty (1984)

Mutiny on the Bounty was a fun yet intense movie about the popular historical event, which involved the HMS bounty.  For those, like myself who have not learned about the HMS bounty or its historical significance. This film will paint a picture of what happened in the events of the HMS Bounty in its sailing years.

The story of the HMS Bounty in this film is pretty straight forward.  The ship sails from Great Britain to the South Pacific ocean.  The dangerous hazards encountered when passing cape horn causes the sailors to land in the south pacific islands.  When ashore the men of HMS bounty fall in love with the island paradise.  After numerous days passed, the captain in charge begins to feel that the crew aboard the HMS is losing themselves to the addiction of tropical land.  The captain then mistreats his sailors in an attempt to discourage their behavior.  Only to have the crew of HMS bounty turn to mutiny against the captain

The_Bounty_pic2I really admire the camera shots that they were able to achieve.  Combined with great acting performances including: Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, and Daniel Day lewis.  This film makes you feel several emotions by the time it ends.  Brilliant credit to the mise-en-scene that made everything pop as if it were an island vacation.  Everything in each scene was so perfectly set up, i didn’t once think about the production side upon viewing this film.

For some reason, i can’t seem to place a genre in which this film would fit in with.  While it is adventurous at times, it can also be brutal, but yet shows humor throughout the film.  This is definitely a movie wouldn’t mind watching again!


3 thoughts on “Mutiny on the Bounty (1984) reaction

  1. I actually really enjoyed the film and thought the cast was great. There is a sense of realism as most of the shots take place on the Bounty which is beautiful. The whole film is beautiful from London to Tahiti, the landscapes are very impressive. I like how the audience knows there is going to be a mutiny. There is a lot of build up to the actual mutiny and it pays off. Some of the characters could have been more important. I feel like Anthony Hopkins did most of the speaking. Mel Gibson had some lines but overall was a tad forgettable. Although I love the music, was 1980s synth pop the greatest choice for a film that takes place in the 1700s? God no but it was still a good movie.

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  2. I agree I liked the camera shots and acting performances a lot in this film. It was historic but not in the dragging on and boring you out sort of way. I also enjoyed how believable the scenes were, definately credits to the mise-en-scene in this film. Actually left me wondering what happened next?

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  3. This was one of the movies this semester I didn’t quite enjoy. I felt like I was sitting through an entire movie just waiting for something really exciting to happen. I sat through what felt like hours waiting for the climax that I didn’t really feel that this film reached ever.


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