Rabbit Proof Fence reaction/review

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The film ‘Rabbit-Proof Fence was an intense and very touching movie to watch.  This movie is based on the true story of 3 Aboriginal girls who escape from their enforced settlement.  To walk miles to reach their family by following the rabbit-proof fence.  While being tracked and captured.

The audio and music played a key role in many scenes for setting the mood and developing certain patterns throughout the film. For example, whenever the trackers were on pursuit of the three sisters, fast drum-like music would play to bring an intense feeling. But the music also displayed a bit of character to the trackers. By having that fast drum-like beat going while on the chase,made the trackers seem like very aggressive characters and that they would let nothing stand in their way.   While on the other hand, Moodoo, the Aboriginal tracker would have no music at all when he was on the move in pursuit of the three sisters. The purpose could have been to show that he is a calm and mellow character but also a committed person to his job and highly skilled at what he does.

The lighting in this film was also done very well to present the tone and emotion in some of the scenes. During the time in which the three girls were with their parents the set was often colorful and had a lively feel to it. When Constable Riggs took the girls into captivity, the lighting turned to dark and gloomy tones in which rain was also added to the scene to make it more intensely dramatic. As the girls were in the encampment, the color tones remained bold with little color around and continued a gloomy look throughout their stay at Moore. But when the girls finally decided to escape, scenes dramatically shifted in to vibrant color as they were running into the woods. In my opinion, the function of these colors elements was to display the contrast between being in a state of imprisonment and the transition to gaining freedom.

All in all I believe this film was truly brilliant. The ending of the film gave me some “goose bumps” as they showed Molly and Gracie standing together in the present day.  A reminder that this story was all to real.


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