Romantic Comedies

Although the main era for the romantic comedy genre was between 1934-1944, it made such a strong debut that the success was able to carry over for many decades to come. When this genre made its debut it brought some new things to the table for cinematic productions. Some of these things being; the new way of using humor in such a classy, effortless way that it could handle serious topics in a humorous way without offending people. The genre also gave a new vision of non-semimetal love along with giving a new view on the current idea of romance at the time.

Another important time for this genre was during the 1960’s. During this time period the romantic comedy genre took a major risk as the films took a more sexual approach to things. This was a huge risk due to the fact of the feminist movements that were happening around the world, and epically in America at the time. At this time the duties of women’s sexual roles were increasing in many to all types of genres although it was more predominate in this genre due to the strong presence of romances. This was not always a popular thing for some of the audience members due to the fact that this was a new concept for society to view so openly.

Just like all other genres, romantic comedies were not always on top and the genre did have a time of struggle. This was around the late 1960’s, and into the early 1970’s. During this time women’s roles almost completely disappeared from romantic comedies, as their role in society developed in a positive way. Due to this romantic comedies struggled because without women to play the roles of love interest of the male characters there was no story line or film. After this it wasn’t until around the mid or late 1980’s that we say the beginning of a comeback for the romantic comedy genre. Although when it did return it tried to go back to its old ways, and stereotyped roles that women had previously played. This was an issue because after the big feminist movement the public was no longer interested in that, and had moved in a new direction. This created a change in the genre as it had to adjust to what the viewers wanted in order to please then and gain the popularity, and support it needed to create the comeback romantic comedies so badly wanted.

Another huge effect the feminist movement had on the romantic comedy genre of cinema was the amount of opportunities it opened up for women. This was a huge moment of change for not only this genre but for cinema as a whole. During the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s many opportunities opened up for women to do more in the field of cinema besides just act, such as behind camera jobs. Some of these new openings including directing, and writing. This gave a new twist to the genre because some films were now being wrote from the perspective of women instead of just men.


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