The End of the Road

We finally just wrapped our big final project for the Fall 2015 Creative Narrative Production course at Hawaii Pacific University. This is one giant step forward in the direction of the end of the semester, and for myself the end of path towards my first bachelor’s degree. I don’t think the feeling has quite come over me yet- it’s almost too surreal for my mind to really grasp the idea that at thirty-five years old, I’ve finally accomplished one of my major life goals. That happens in less that a week-and-a- half.

A few years ago when I started taking college classes again, my directions were scattered. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, but I thought I did. I loved my job and I wanted to pursue a career in it, but more and more I found myself cursing the choices I made career-wise and occasionally dreading coming in to work. Most of that was Army-related, not because I didn’t like working as a medic in a clinic or out in the field- and that’s relevant and a bit dissapointing. I also loved serving my country but now I sound like an oxymoron machine: The Army I loved to serve in made me hate the job I loved to do. Well…

Anyway, so I decided to go back to my creative roots- I joined a band, started another, and enrolled in the cinematic production program at HPU. I had my doubts, but ultimately I decided that what I would put in, I would get in return. Thus, I worked hard and less than 3 years later, I am graduating with honors. What’s funny however, is that I’m not done. Back when I resolved to finish my bachelor’s, I tried to remain realistic; maybe I wouldn’t be able to do it and that was OK. At the time I didn’t foresee my abrupt end to my military career, and that made life just a slight bit more challenging to work through. As I trudged through getting out of the Army and finally starting school again, I found that if I saw going to class the same as going to work- the same responsibilities and requirements I would fall under as if I were in the Army still (even though I wasn’t), then the last couple of years would be a breeze and I could get back into the workforce that I so longingly desired to do. That would change, and that’s for another post.



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