The Messenger Review

I’ll come out straight with this; I didn’t much care for the movie. The acting from all those involved was good. Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson did a great job and their interactions got a couple of laughs out of me. Pretty much every other character that was in the movie wasn’t around long enough or in enough scenes to get a better feel for their acting ability. Some seemed a little too over top when reacting to the news of their husband/child/etc being killed in war. This may just be me, but Steve Buscemi didn’t fit the role well. I couldn’t help but thinking how he normally is in other movies he appears in and how it doesn’t match to who he has to play in this movie. The soundtrack and music used in the movie was painfully generic. I’m not sure if the movie wanted the music that the characters listen to to feel like stuff you’d hear flipping through radio stations or they just choose music because they thought it’d be good. All the ambient sounds were setup how they should in each setting the movie used, but that is to be expected. The locations and sets used were fairly normal and well put together. More due to the fact that this type of movie can’t really have grand sets with how realistic they wanted the movie to feel. This also meant the camera work and angles used were fairly simple and standard. Again, this type of movie doesn’t let for room of the more ambitious angles and tricks that can be done with a camera like you’d see in say an action or crime movie. The story is mainly why I don’t like the movie. It’s really nothing special and feels like Oscar bait more than anything. The script doesn’t do much and really doesn’t show the military all that well either. I’ve lived on military bases for most of my life and thus interacted with actual soldiers countless times. Many have been overseas and fought in battles and lost friends. And they all have handled it differently and not just the same way the movie wants to say they do. The worst about the story is the ending. It leaves nothing answered and goes nowhere. It feels more like they ran out of time to film and throw it together so it could come out on its deadline. All in all, it’s just okay. Not bad, but also not good. Which I honestly think movie should not want to be, because at least bad movies can be so bad that they’re memorable or watched because they’re so bad.


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