The oddness of our Generation

As I went through high school and into college, I realized how much television and movies my peers watch… and how long they can watch them for. Within the past 5 years mainly with the introduction to instant video on Netflix, the act of binge watching both television series and movies have become extremely popular and somehow socially acceptable. For some people it has become the norm to pass up going outsideĀ to experience the sun and fresh air and instead stay in a bed and watch Grey’s Anatomy for 10 hours at a time. I can understand how the act of watching a tv show or movie can be a relaxing thing and a way to de-stress, but sitting for extreme hours at a time and letting life pass by is not cool. People my age are young, healthy, and should be wanting to be outdoors and exploring the beautiful island we live on. We can save the binge watching for when we are older and can’t have as much fun as when we were teenagers (:



One thought on “The oddness of our Generation

  1. The issue with that is everyone has the choice of how to live their own life. What one person decides to do shouldn’t deter you from doing what you want. Plus, some of us are tired of all the warmth, sunshine, and heat.


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