The Room – The perfectly bad movie

I’m not going to go any in depth analysis of this movie, I’m just going to tell you guys this is one of the worst movies ever made. It is so bad, it has a cult following almost. Some theaters have own free screenings of this film just to celebrate how bad it is. I’ll give you guys a few clues of why it is bad, and worth seeing.

1. Made by Tommy Wiseau – He is known for having a very… interesting brain.

2. Many scenes are used over and over again…

3. His actors and production crew left halfway through the production because it was overall just terrible.

4. Wiseau had to step in as lead actor. – This made him have to start over again to film everything since everyone left.

5. The other lead actor is replaced with a guy that does not even look like the first one halfway in the film.

6. Wiseau speaks bad english which leads to fantastically terrible dialogue scenes.

7. Most of the audio of the actors were re-recorded later, and that can be heard very easily.

Check out the IMDB page.


One thought on “The Room – The perfectly bad movie

  1. I really liked your review. You did a great job at backing up your reasoning with details of why you thought that. All of your reasons were logical, and legit, which made your thoughts more credible.


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