Then and Now

Before taking this class I never thought of anything while watching a film. When I would watch a movie I would just watch the characters and listen to what they say. Although now that I have taken this class I watch movies from a different perspective. I now find myself questioning what is happening behind the camera, and all the production that went into it, and how it got to the screen that I am viewing it on. I now have found a new respect of all the work and production that goes into creating a film. Some of these things being mise-en-scene, lighting, sound, and the positioning of a camera.

Now when I watch a film I find myself thinking about all the steps that first happened before the film even made it to the producing process. For example things like the writing of the script, the development of characters, and the casting of actors/actresses to play the characters.

Another thing I now think of in more depth is the makeup and costume of a character. Before I didn’t pay much mind, or attention to the things that a character was wearing. Now I realize that everything a character is wearing, has a purpose behind it, and helps give the audience information about the character. Same thing goes for their makeup. Every character wears the amount of makeup they do for a reason. Just like the clothing the makeup can help the viewers learn some information about a specific character. Some of these things being their social class, or even in some cases their profession.

The last big thing I think about after taking this class is mise-en-scene. This includes many things such as, props, settings, costumes, lighting, sound, and staging and performance. Mise-en-scene means “to put into place”. This makes sense because if you take all the things that are a part of the mise-en-scene, that is how everything that makes a film comes together.


One thought on “Then and Now

  1. I’m glad you have taken appreciation and notice into film. A lot of hard work goes into making films and people take them for granted the effort people do for this process. Good post


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