What I like about Film Production

I’ve been doing quite a bit of film productions here and there, every where. I like doing it because it gives you adrenaline to have that pressure to deliver a product and the stakes behind it. Live streaming events I think are the most insane fun ones because everything you do is seen in real time, so no time for errors. Or, if you make an error you learn faster what not to do later. I don’t like being the boss, so camera operating has been my thing. Having your director give you instructions in real time through headphones and trying to deliver his/her wish is quite a fun experience. Maybe one day I can work with this, I have a crazy dream of filming concerts and do big screen productions one day.
Have you done anything similar?


One thought on “What I like about Film Production

  1. In the past the only type of filming I had ever done was filming gymnastics at practice to make recruiting videos to send to colleges. Now that I have learned so much about film production I have so much more respect for producers because I know how hard I did was, and I could not imagine doing what all they do.


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