My HIFF experience

I was lucky to get selected for the Ebert’s Young Writers Program at HIFF this Fall. Its not the first time I did HIFF but this was an amazing opportunity. It was workshop based, and we got a full media/press pass access to 20 films to see. We had to write 4 pieces for the HIFF website and they were edited and monitored by our mentor Kevin B. Lee, who has been writing and working with Roger Ebert ourselves

What I loved was that we Skyped with Roger’s wife Chaz, one of the founders of the program. She was a delight to speak with.

Another thing I loved was our guest speakers from IndieWire, Variety among others. It was amazing to hear from people who are in the film critique community in real time. They knew so much about how to write good, and how to produce live.
We were also allowed to stay in the VIP area and talk story with people. We could meet with actors, directors you name it. It was also fun to see some old friends from HPU as well.

Too bad I won’t be on the island for next Fall HIFF showcase. However, I hope the opportunity I got has opened new doors for me in the creative industry.

If you wanna ask me anything, please ask! I wont bite.


One thought on “My HIFF experience

  1. congratulations for being on Ebert’s young writers committee. If i have any questions over film critiques I know who to come to


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