Stanley Kubrick

     I know Stanley Kubrick is known as one of the greatest movie directors of all time. I want to make movies in the future, and every time I talk about my dream people who love movies say that I should watch his movies. I saw his movie called 2001: Space Odyssey when I was in high school and I honestly did not really like it. The first half was very boring because the story went very slow. The last half was very scary and I could not understand what this movie tried to say. The characters in this movie do not really talk or describe what is going on that much.

     I agree with the opinion that the visuals of 2001: Space Odyssey is amazing. They did not use Computer Graphics to make the spaceship and everything, but it really looked real. Although it was made a long time ago, it still looks clear and when compared to movies nowadays, the world of this movie does not look old.

     However, I did not really like how he tells the story to the audience. It made me very confused and scared. The music he uses is classical music and it makes movies very creepy. Since I was unable to appreciate his work by this movie, I decided to watch his other movie called A Clockwork Orange.

     It was right after I graduated from high school when I saw a Clockwork Orange. I could not finish the movie because it was too frightening. The hero and his friends are all dressed up in white, and hurt and rape people. It was painful to watch and made me sick. Because of this, I came to be scared to watch his movies. I seriously worry that he might had had a traumatic experience or something before because this kind of taste of making movies should not be born by ordinary people. I believe his mind created things in a very unique way. I seriously wonder what is wrong with him. Although I am scared, I think I need to watch some of his other films to know why people call him great.



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