YouTube – Against its own purpose

I remember back in the day when YouTube was a thing where everyone published their videos, and the chance of people seeing it was high. Yes, it is the same thing today, but a lot has changed the last couple of years with the service that I see as both beneficial and sad.

Many of the content creators today are signed under production labels. Take for instance the giant Ray William Johnson. He started out as a guy commenting on viral videos online with snarky comments under his show =3 . Soon he gathered a larger following and his videos got a lot of attention. Then he became a YouTube celebrity. So he signed with Maker Studios in 2011 to get production money. He is not the only one. As of today Maker Studios has youtube people like PewDiePie, Phillip DeFranco, Shane Dawson, Kassem G.
Now what is even more interesting is that Maker Studios was bought by Disney! DISNEY.
Disney is already a large content owner of everything television in the states. Now, they get money from all the clicks and views through their YouTube stars. Together with the films, tv shows etc. It is amazing to me how much power Disney has if you look at the numbers. They own TV channels, production studios, amusement parks..

And who is hurt by this? That guy working his ass of at home doing everything himself trying to make a good film, and he is good. Like no company is telling him to do this and that, reflect these things and not this. No censorship in content creating, just the creative vision. And he can share it. But now, he drowns into the bottom of the sea of youtube films that are actively promoted because production companies can afford to pay for advertising on YouTube’s website. I want to call it “CorporationTube”. There are tons of these production companies signing on successful content creators. Not even a space meant for the people to promote their things is theirs anymore..


3 thoughts on “YouTube – Against its own purpose

  1. I really liked your topic. I think this is super relevant to modern times. I too have recently been noticing many changes to websites such Youtube in the last few years. I can not believe how quick these changes are coming in and happening. It really makes me wonder what websites such as Youtube will look like in three, five, or even ten years from now.


  2. Not sure if your aware but facebook is now stealing views from peoples youtube accounts. People get money for views off youtube, but when people take that video from youtube and post it on facebook they steal the proscribe views that account on youtube has posted. Both business are doing shady things.


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