Rabbits, Racism, and Road trips oh my

After watching “The Rabbit Proof Fence,” I was shocked to realize that there are worse ways in which culture can be lost.  Similar to the aboriginal people, the native Hawaiians, my ancestors, lost their culture by means of white man trying to “cure” the natives of their ignorance.  They educated the local children and oppressed anything to do with the Hawaiian culture (they also stole their land which is a whole other ball game).  Despite bringing diseases and wiping out the natives, the white men did not forcefully remove members of the native society.  To me, the way the native Hawaiians were treated compared to the aboriginals seems almost humane in a twisted sort of way.  This movie showed me that I should really be grateful for the way we were treated.  Our families were not broken up for a ridiculous excuse like education.  At least when we suffered, we suffered together.

Which is why I think Moodoo endured being treated like a dog.  He wanted to stay with his daughter and do whatever he could to keep her safe.  Even if that meant he had to have his tracking ability abused.

This movie also demonstrated the power of will and unity.  The will to keep walking even with no energy and the weight of your world weighing you down.  The will to be together again and to keep fighting even though you may be on the losing side.  Molly kept walking while carrying Daisy even though she did not even have enough strength to carry herself.  Even though her walk home was thousands of miles, a feat most people won’t attempt twice, she did it as many times as was necessary.  As long as one digs deep enough and finds a driving force, they can do anything.


One thought on “Rabbits, Racism, and Road trips oh my

  1. I really liked your response. When I watched the movie I thought of how the U.S. treated African-Americans. We definitely have many movies on slavery in the U.S. and I think those are very good for the progression of our society, just as this film was for Australia. I really wish there were more popular movies about what Hawaiian people had to go through with Americans taking over their land (maybe there are and I just haven’t seen them). I think those would be very interesting and would help more people to see what Hawaiians truly went through.


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