Rabbit-Proof Fence: A Wonder

I’ve never seen this movie before our class’ showing of it. In fact, I have never heard of the film before this class either.

When I watched it I felt as if I was with the girls, running and living with them as they marched through the Australian desert. The way I saw the film, it moved me in a way. I was so enraptured by the film that I forgot I was supposed to take notes. The only time i ever wrote something down was to verbalize the anger I felt for the girls portrayed in the movie.

I remember the movie as ironic. The mood was often somber and tiring, yet the scenes were nearly always bright. And when the mood was less somber, nearly hopeful, the scenes were dark and surrounded by forest. I haven’t put much thought as to why that was, but it stuck out to me. I can remember clearly the moving moments in the movie because they were very bright.

I.e) The scene where Molly gets her skin checked. When Molly and the other girls are abducted by a constable to take them to the half-caste camp.

My research showed that the film has been nominated and won many awards for their cast and production in many different countries.  I am proud to say so because this film has moved me and I believe that they deserved each and every single one of those awards.

I thank this class for allowing me to enjoy the film and I hope there are many others like it to come in the near future.


One thought on “Rabbit-Proof Fence: A Wonder

  1. I had the same reaction while watching this film; sat down ready to take notes, only to be pulled into the film, almost mesmerized by the events taking place on the screen. When watching this film, you really do feel like you’re taking the journey with them, walking in their shoes, and living through their experiences. I ended up taking notes mostly on the story line and major events happening that made an impact or served as a turning point in the story.


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