Side By Side

Side By Side is a 2012 Documentary, directed by Christopher Kenneally and produced by Keanu Reeves. It shows the complicated behind-the-scenes process of movie making, along with the progression of film making over the years; as some people have made the switch to the new era of the use of digital cameras and others are kept satisfied by the traditional film cameras. This film also features various interviews with directors, cinematographers, artists, and many others who have worked with both types of cameras and voice their opinions about it.

This film was incredibly informative and, even though I previously knew that there was a lot of work that goes into film making, I was still shocked to discover that there was even more than I thought. From the first moment an idea comes to the mind of an individual choosing to pursue a film project to the final moment when the film is being screened for the first time in front of an audience, the process an idea goes through before coming to life on a screen is quite an epic journey that one can only fully understand by watching this film.


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