Baraka:Cultural Perspectives

When someone asks me what a movie is made of I used to say it’s made of actors following a dialogue story and reaches a conclusion of sorts. After experiencing Baraka, a movie is now a visual representation of a story, not always dependent on dialogue and a clear plot.

This film has completely thrown me upside-down with it’s different way of story telling. When I was watching it I felt as if I was living in the many places they showed on screen. At first its was just long shots of  landscapes; even though I was confused I still felt immersed in the space that was being shown. Then there were scenes of places, just different places and cultures around the world. No dialogue or even a clear direction that we were going through. Still, I felt like I was there seeing these people watching them live their lives.

What changed my mindset about what a movie is was when the scenes started to fly by. I realized that it WAS telling a story, it just had no dialogue. The film told a story of the world, somehow in someway this film encompassed the world’s many stories and allowed me to live in that other world.



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