Sunset Blvd.

Being transcended into the 1950’s and relating to the sarcasm from director Billy Wilder, validated my cynicism and pushed forward my favorite type of humor. The mix of drama and comedy was new to it’s time, but a proved formula that works to this day. Much of this film reminded me of Woody Allen, dry and heavily relied on the narrative from the characters. It’s clever and sly witty remarks to psychopathic tendencies tickle me (for lack of better term) to the core. I even put away my notes just to focus entirely for what the film was. Despite today’s technology making murder scenes more realistic than most can handle, this film used the technology of it’s time, a bit subpar compared. However, respecting the film industry at the time is crucial and putting yourself as the audience in the 1950’s, it’s hard not to comply and fully immerse yourself to the scare of the murder scene. The acting from Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond) has to be a legend of her time. Her eyes mesmerized the screen and captivated audiences into loving her for the psycho, comedic, and dramatic character she portrayed.


One thought on “Sunset Blvd.

  1. I Enjoyed your thoughts on the movie. I enjoyed it a lot as well, it really does suck you in. The actress Norma Desmond was perfect her eyes were really that of a silent movie actress, they said everything.


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