The Piano

The Piano directed and written by Jane Campion is a poetic film that is filled with metaphors. The main characters are Ada, a great pianist, and her young daughter, Flora. One notable part of the film is that Ada has been mute since she was six and talks through sign language  and notecards.  The film is mainly centered around Ada’s piano that she has shipped to her new home on New Zealand all the way from Scotland. The piano is very important to Ada and it is prevalent throughout the film. Ada will express her emotions through playing her piano and it is a beautiful way for her to express emotions. In one of the scenes Ada is playing her piano in her sleep one night and she played a harsh, dramatic melody and you could feel the dissonance in her playing, that invoked a dark and anxious emotion. Despite all that Stewart says he does not have the time or resources to bring Ada’s piano back to his house. Even though she had brought it with her all the from Scotland The movie is a not so typical love story that includes Ada, Baines, Stewart. The main drama of the story is based around Stewart’s and Ada’s arranged marriage.  The Piano takes some major twist and turns that gave way to a dramatic ending.

The cinematography was very well done throughout the film. The Piano included many close up footage of Ada playing the piano. These scenes were especially powerful to me,it gave me a newfound respect for the piano and pianist. My favorite scenes was the one where Flora and one of Stewart’s maids is are talking about Flora’s father and why he is not around. Shortly after that scene the movie cuts to a wide angle shot of the piano sitting by itself on the beach, when a lightning bolt striking in the distance shortly illuminating the back and foreground. I found The Piano a very well done film with an interest story told in a very unique way.






One thought on “The Piano

  1. I liked your review of this movie. I agree with your opinion on the piano scenes being powerful and I also liked that scene with the piano on the beach with lightening. I also thought it was very beautiful how Ada used the piano to express the emotions that she didn’t express through her words, and when her finger got cut off the first thing I thought was, “oh no! She needs that to play piano!” Fortunately, it had a positive ending.


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