Side by Side

img_1286The documentary “Side by Side” directed produced by Keanu Reeves, was an intreging factual film about the past and present of filmmaking. We took a look at the history of how cinema started, how the first video camera became, how editing of film was through cutting and pasting with bloody hands, to camcorders that can fit in the palm of your hand, and how a scene can we seen and fixed in seconds with a click of a button. Watching this film made me realize how amazing and fast film and technology has evolved. It’s crazy to think that people had to do so much work and had so many different jobs to make a movie. The cinema world has developed for the better and it will keep escalating. We have so much to look forward to from this film and it was great to hear about the transformation from legends in the movie world. There were interviews from George Lucas, David Lynch, James Cameron, ect. This movie really opened my eyes to how cinema is


One thought on “Side by Side

  1. I too was very surprised while watching this documentary. I never realized how intense shooting on film was, and it made me think about classic film, how you can hear the film rolling, and the process of cutting and editing. Film was truly an art form because you never knew what you got until after the film was developed. However, looking at the advancement of technology and the common use of digital I think the old idea of cinematography as an art form may have in some ways died. I think with digital cinematographs now there are higher expectations since they are shooting on something that they can play back immediately. In a way when you shoot on digital your film needs to be substantial in the way it looks, your film ultimately needs to be perfect because the resources are easier to manage. Although digital has started to take over cinema, I think overall films are improving, because digital is cheaper, faster, and easier than film. Filmmakers can experiment more and truly more accurately bring to their film the perspective and narrative they want to portray.


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